Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone!
Hope you are able to spend some time celebrating this fun holiday today.

Are you ready for the trick-or-treaters???
Have a good one!
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~ Kelly ~

Monday, October 29, 2012

Grain Sack Love

Hello everyone!
Well, I have officially jumped on the french grain sack band wagon!  I'm in love with my newest treasure.  And I want more, lots more! 
I introduce to you my first vintage grain sack now being used as a giant pillow on my sofa............
I love the subtle texture it has and the soft blue color of the stripes.  While out shopping, I discovered so many varieties of these grain sacks that I now know I want to start collecting them.  Does that ever happen to you?  I've always loved them, but never had one in my home before.  I now know it is something that was missing all along. 
In an effort to keep things streamlined in my family room, I decided to remove the checked table cloth from my round table next to the sofa. 
I painted it this soft shade of blue (which I thought would be more grey)  but it turned out to be a happy accident.  Ha!
I didn't want every piece of furniture to be the exact same color anyway, so this adds a bit of color and interest. 
I found this old worn galvanized tub to fill with white flowers on my coffee table too.  I decided to wrap some burlap ribbon around it for interest.

And I changed out the pillows in my white chairs so they wouldn't clash with my grain sack pillow on the sofa.  It should be the star!  Ha!

It seems there is no shortage of  grain sacks around here.  I prefer the blue and white ones though.  I will have to take my time as they are a bit pricey.  But, now I have something to look for!
On another note, I've been watching the news and keeping up with the terrible "super storm" as it has been called.  I hope that everyone in its path has taken shelter and will come out through it safely.  This is history in the making, I hear! 
Until next time...........
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~ Kelly ~ 


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Magazine Frenzy

Hello everyone!
If you're like me,  then you look forward to all the new specialty magazines that fill the shelves this time of year. 
I wanted to share the ones that have come home with me recently, and some of my favorite pages.
First, is my all time favorite, Cottage Style.  I never miss this one!
To my surprise, there were some wonderful blogger's homes featured in here! 

In fact, she's giving away a copy of Cottage Style Magazine too, so head over to her blog for a chance to win!

Her beautiful back porch made the cover too!
Then, of course, there are all the wonderful holiday magazines that I liked.
Southern Lady Holidays

 I loved these pages.......

Southern Accents Christmas


 Christmas Cottage

Christmas Ideas

Several blogger's homes were featured in this one too! 
So, if you're thinking about what to do this weekend, and you want to get some great inspiration for the upcoming holiday season, go grab some of these great reads!  The Christmas Ideas Magazine has some very fun and easy Christmas craft tutorials too.  You could get started now and have these decorations ready just in time to use them! 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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~ Kelly ~


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Halloween Decor

Hello everyone!
I thought I'd share a few pics of the faces that will be greeting the trick or treaters at my door this Halloween.  I didn't do too much this year.  It seems I do less and less each year!  ha!  Guess it's wearing me out as I get older. 
This sign greets the trick or treaters at my walkway.
Then, a few lighted jack-o-lanterns and a ghost (with sounds) will greet them around the corner.

And as they walk up the stairs, this pumpkin duo will be  waiting for them. The pumpkin inside the lantern lights up and flickers too.

Once they reach the door, this pumpkin will be carved and lit up.  We always have at least one hand carved pumpkin each year.

Do you detect a theme? 
I guess you could say, "Welcome to my Pumpkin Patch".  Ha!
This should be enough to make the trick or treaters feel welcome.  Not too much, not too little. 
I'm starting to buy bags of candy every time I go to the store too.  This saves me from having to make one giant purchase!  However, now it is lingering around the house.  Such temptation!
Now, I leave you with some night time shots.........

Trick or Treat!

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~ Kelly ~  
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Lamp

Hello everyone!
I recently found a beautiful new lamp for my secretary.  I tried using some of the lamps that I already had, but wasn't happy with their scale or color, so I went shopping and found this one.  It came from Hobby Lobby and was 50% off.  It ended up being only $30! 
I am so happy with it!  It's just the right size, color and style for this piece of furniture.

I love the shade most of all.  It has a cute bow on it and a burlap texture. 
It also has an interesting feminine base too.
I was pleased to see that it looked good when lit up too.  I wasn't able to try it out before buying it. 
I also found these chandelier lamp shades on sale.  I wasn't even looking for these, but doesn't that always happen??? 

They are hanging on the chandelier in the same room as the secretary.  I like how they match my dropcloths draperies too. 
So, it was a successful day at the 'ol Hobby Lobby! 
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~ Kelly ~


Friday, October 19, 2012

Blue Ridge Georgia

Hello everyone!
Now onto the second half of our day spent in the North Georgia mountains. 
After we left the apple orchard, we headed over to the shops in the old town of Blue Ridge.  It's a very picturesque town with a train that runs through it.  It's a passenger train too!  They take tours of that mountainous area.  We've done that before and it's a lot of fun!  This time, we just walked around looking in the shops and grabbed a bite of lunch. 

The colors of the trees were so much brighter here than at our house!

We saw several creative scarecrows on display throughout the town too.


Some of the shops and restaurants.......

We ate BBQ here.

There were lots of home decor, clothing and jewelry stores for the gals and outdoor clothing and fly fishing shops for the guys.  So, it was a win-win experience for both of us!  Ha! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We are enjoying more pretty weather here and the kids have a 3 day weekend since school is out today. 
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~ Kelly ~




Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our Trip to the Apple Orchard

Hello everyone!
My husband and I recently snuck off to the apple orchard/store in the North GA mountains.  It was a beautiful day!  We ended up buying some fresh picked apples, apple cider, homemade apple pies and apple butter.  Yum!
Here are some pics from our day.
This is what you see after you park your car and walk to the apple market.  It is called Mercier Orchards.  It's very well known in this area.  It is located in Blue Ridge, GA, which is about an hour north of our house.

Now, let's head inside the store!
Of course, there were bags and bags of apples picked from their orchard.  They even had a taste area set-up so you could try the different varieties before buying.

They had a little bit of everything at this store. 
Jellies and other condiments

Apple Cider



 Baked Goods
There was even an area to buy lunch and eat near the bakery.  We each got a freshly baked warm pie to snack on until our next destination.
Afterwards, we went into town for some lunch and shopping.  I'll share those pics with you in my next post. 
Don't you just love this time of year for festivals and fresh food markets like this?  There is another festival going on in Dahlonega, GA this weekend.  We may try to go.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Kelly ~