Friday, September 27, 2013

Changes in the Foyer

Happy Friday everyone!

We are having glorious weather here in GA today.  Hope that your weather is just as nice.  Is sure does help when it's the weekend too!

I last showed you how I moved my clock out of the foyer and into the family room.  Of course, that left an empty spot in the foyer.  So, I moved things around and came up with this.

I placed my old column in place of the clock.  

I love it in here and have another one in my sitting room.  I found a matching set of these MANY years ago at an antique shop.  

And I moved my old hay rake to the spot that my column was.  

I liked it in my family room, but once things started moving around, this ended up being the best spot for it.

I used to have an electric sconce hanging here too.  It is now in the dining room.

Not sure why I never thought to use it in here before.  It looks like it belongs in here.

I've had the wall next to the staircase the same way for years.  Time for another slight change there as well.

I hung a vintage style mirror in place of the large basket with flowers.  The basket of flowers is now on the floor beside the chest.

And finally, I got creative one day with a wicker tray and painted some white roman numerals on it to give it a french look.  It is now hanging on the wall beside the bench.

I love the look of painted numbers on wicker.

So, that's about it for now.  I'm hoping to find some pretty pansies and cabbages to plant in my planters on the front porch this weekend.  My petunia's are looking very sad right now.  I hope that they will last a while though.  It seems that some squirrels have decided to jump in my planters and eat my flowers!!!  They make a huge mess too.  

Thanks for stopping by!  

Have a great weekend.

~ Kelly ~

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Natural Decor

Hello everyone!

I decided to change up some things around my house using decor from nature.  I found these curly looking sticks called Coco sticks and placed them in a large frosted vase behind my sofa.

I love the texture it adds to the room.  

It sits beside a basket and cloche.

As you can see, today is very overcast.  It was hard to get decent pictures.  It was even chilly outside!

Oh........and I moved my clock out of the foyer and into the family room.  I know it's crazy how often I move things around.  I am pretty sure, this is not going to move for awhile though.  LOL!

In my kitchen, I added a faux succulent under a cloche.  I have been wanting some succulents since I've been seeing them everywhere.  

I may have to get some more now!

On the family front, today was a VERY big day for my 19 yr old son.  He got sworn into the Marines!  I now have to accept the fact that he will be gone to boot camp during all of the upcoming holidays.  Boo Hoo!  He ships off to SC in just 20 more days and won't return until January.  Lord help me!

This room is going to feel mighty quiet without him.

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~ Kelly ~

Friday, September 20, 2013

On Newsstands Now

Hello everyone!

As I was perusing the magazine aisle, I spotted this one that comes out every year.  

I know it usually features some bloggers homes, so I quickly opened it up and thumbed through it.  And yes, it did feature some lovely homes from some well known bloggers.  Here are just a few.......

And this one did not seem to be linked to a blog, but I really liked it!

There are some other bloggers homes featured as well as some Etsy shops.  Go check it out!

Hope you have fun weekend plans.  We may be getting some rain, so I'm not sure if we'll be doing anything too exciting.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kelly ~

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall is Near!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's official.  Fall is just around the corner.  I can feel it.  I even got my flu shot today which is how I always  kick-off  Fall.  

The ground is full of colorful crunchy leaves now.

This is just the beginning.  More will fall and keep my husband VERY busy!  

My dog is loving the cooler temps too.  Just look at him lounging outside.

Ah........the life of a dog!

I even purchased this holiday magazine today.  It's full of great inspiration.

My fireplace is ready for the cooler temps now. Can't wait to begin using it this year!

And the throws have been pulled out and ready for relaxing next to the fire.

For me, the change of seasons is much more than pumpkins and mums.  It's a change in lifestyle.  It's cooking comfort food like chili and beef stew.  It's football games on TV.  It's being able to build a campfire out back and roast marshmallows on cool evenings.  I am really looking forward to Fall!  

Do you have a favorite thing to do in the Fall?

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kelly ~

Friday, September 13, 2013

More New Ideas in the Dining Room

Hello everyone!

  I've been trying to tweak a few things around the house that didn't feel quite right.  Remember the dining room change I made in THIS POST?  Well, I was not loving the set-up on the sideboard as much as I had hoped.  I just knew that having one tall lamp on one side and not one on the other side would throw things off........and it did!  I felt that I needed something tall to balance out the lamp.  So, here is what I came up with.

I moved my Santos doll in here.  Now, I have the height that I felt was missing.  I decided to keep the wreath on the mirror too.  

I also added a small topiary to the sideboard and placed a taller one in the center of the table.  I felt like the large galvanized tub was too large there.

A pair of antler plaques were hung in between the windows.

Some french ticking striped pillows were added to the chairs as well.  Now, the room feels better.  

Do you have big plans for the weekend?  I'm sure I will be comforting our youngest son who gets an appliance put in his mouth, at the orthodontist today, to correct a cross bite.  He is terribly sensitive, so he will have some adjusting to do.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kelly ~


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Lamp Shuffle Continues........

Hello everyone!

Well, after moving some lamps around recently, my husband said he wasn't getting enough light from the lamp being behind the sofa instead of beside it.  So.................I made some more changes.  

The lamp behind the sofa, went into the foyer.

I'm really happy with it in here since the foyer has such high ceilings.  The lamp is large so it fits the room well.  

Then, I stumbled across some pretty grey herringbone design lampshades at Target.  And they were on sale!  
Here is a close-up of the shade.

Pretty right?  

So, I bought two of them and figured out which lamps were going to get them.  I placed one on a lamp in my sitting room.

I'm liking it!

  And the other one went in the family room,
back on the side table, so my husband (who needs reading glasses soon......shhhh) can see what he's reading now.  LOL!

Oh.......what's that?  You see something new in here?  Why yes, I was going to mention that as well.  Actually, it isn't new.  I redid this little corner of the room by bringing in my vintage hay rake and draping some grain sacks out of the rack on the wall and placing a grain sack over the back of the chair.   

You know how that domino effect goes don't you?  

I'm loving being able to use the rack in so many different ways.  Remember it once held plates (for about a day or two) ?  LOL!  

Well, I'm off to visit my sister for a belated birthday get together today. 
Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kelly ~

Monday, September 9, 2013

Rope Covered Chain

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a nice weekend.  We had some pretty hot weather, but at least it was sunny.  

During an outside cleaning project, that my husband and I were doing, I stumbled across some rope that my older son had and said he wasn't using.  He gave it to me.  My head started spinning with ideas on how I could use this rope.  

Then, the light bulb went off and I knew just what I was going to do with it.

Here was my inspiration...........

See that huge rope used to hang that light fixture?  Wait, there's more!

Look at these.

So, you see where I'm going with this, right?

I took this rope (much longer than this piece)......

And turned it into this...........

All I did was wrap the rope tightly together around the existing chain.  And voila!  I secured it at the bottom and top with tie wraps.  

I love the texture and thickness it adds to the chain.  It also mimics the texture of burlap and sea grass which I really like.

It doesn't show up too well in this photo, but this gives you a sense of the overall feeling in the room now.

Even though this light fixture had to be re-positioned over the table, I still like it.  I just wrapped the rope around the straight part of the hanging chain.  I tried wrapping it around the draped part too, but it didn't look good.

If I ever want to remove it, it will be simple.  This is not permanent.

So, are you a fan of rope on light fixtures?  If you like rustic, I think it's pretty neat!

Inspiration pics can be found HERE

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kelly ~

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Lamp Change-Up

Hello everyone!

How has your week gone?  I hope it has been good.  I've been enjoying nice sunny days since last weekend.  Now if the cooler weather would just accompany those sunny days, I'll be happy!  

School has been ramping up fast for my youngest son!  He has already come home with a fund raiser, picture day notice, yearbook order request, and the dreaded homework assignments!  Gosh, they don't waste any time do they?  He also has been busy with orthodontist appointments lately.  Fun, fun!  

Meanwhile, I've been doing a few things around the house besides the usual chores and errands.  I decided I wanted to change up the sofa table in my family room.  

I brought up a larger size lamp from the basement that I wasn't using.  It's practically new since I just got it last year!

I like the color of the shade when it's lit up at night.  I took this photo in the early morning so you could see it better.  During the day, the sun drowns out the light bulb.  

I like the size of this lamp better behind the sofa too.  It was too big for the small round table beside the sofa.

Oh, and I placed a different arrangement on the coffee table too.  

The white lamp that was in here moved to the dining room.  

The lamps that were in here were fine, but I didn't want to put this lamp in the basement.  Just couldn't do it.  LOL!  So, I decided it would work in here nicely, even though there is only one.  I wish I had one more though!

I may still change up the pitchers on the other side of this sideboard. And I'm still deciding whether to keep the small wreath on the mirror.  I'm loving the crisp white against the grey furniture.  The other lamps were a cream color.  And yes.......they went into the basement.  Poor things.  

Well that about does it for now.  I've changed a few more things around here, but will share in a later post.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by.

~ Kelly ~