Friday, December 30, 2016

Changes in the Family Room and New Chandelier

Hello everyone!

Happy New Years Eve.......Eve!  Do you have any big plans?  One thing that is nice, now that my husband has retired from firefighting, is that he is home on all the holidays.  So, with that, you would think we would be out painting the town.  Nope!  We're old fuddy duds I guess.  We'll bring in the new year here at home in front of the television like we always do.  

Now that Christmas decorations have been taken down, I found myself wanting to make a few changes to my decor.  Don't you find that happening to you sometimes too?  Usually that means some new accessory placements etc.  But, this time, I went big!  I had my husband help me move some big pieces of furniture around.  

I think what sparked the changes was my new french style chandelier that I got over the holidays.  I shared it on Instagram already but haven't shared it here yet.  Here is the new look for my family room.

I moved the super gigantic grey painted armoire that used to sit in the corner beside the fireplace to my sitting room.  I will share that another day.  In it's place, I moved my french style clock in the corner.  I like how the brown color picks up the color in the chandelier.  

I also pushed the sofas up closer to the fireplace so they make the gap where the armoire was not so great.  The clock is much smaller than the piece of furniture that was there.  

I was lucky to have a lot of sun flooding this room when I took these pictures.  It had been raining and dark earlier this week.

Here is a close up of the chandelier that I got.  I love it so much!  It stands out nicely against the white furniture and white walls.  I got it from while on sale.  

I had to be careful not to get too big of a chandelier since my ceilings aren't vaulted.  So many of these types of chandeliers are huge.  This one is smaller in size and works well for the space.  

Now, we may need to downsize our TV cabinet to something smaller.  Not sure yet.  It seems a bit big compared to the clock on the other side.  I like how my fireplace is no longer squished between two big pieces of furniture though.  

I'll be sure to share the changes I've made in my sitting room with the armoire in there next.  I'll be sharing it on  INSTAGRAM  too.  

Hope you all have a safe and happy New Years Eve and Day!

~ Kelly ~

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Share Your Style Party #98

Hi everyone!
Welcome to Share Your Style #98.
 I'm Des from Peeking Thru The Sunflowers and I'm your host this week. 


Friday, December 23, 2016

I'm Ready for Christmas

Hello everyone!

Are you ready for Christmas or are you still doing a few last minute things?  I think we're all doing a few last minute things at some point.  But, overall I'm ready.  I am still battling a cold but I'm much better now that I have a proper diagnosis and medicine.  Apparently, this one is a lengthy one.  I seriously would've been over the flu by now if I had gotten that instead!   Too bad that there aren't any "cold" vaccines out there.  I would be first in line!  I'm happy that the holidays are wrapping up.  It seems that my favorite time of the holidays is the week after Christmas leading up to New Years.  That's when everything is done and we can all just sit back and enjoy what we've all worked so hard for. 

In the meantime: 

The presents are wrapped.

The tree is decorated and lit.

The stockings are hung.

And just a few other fun decorations are scattered about.

I think our house is even lit up bright enough for Santa to find it.

So, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!  I hope that you have a safe and healthy one and may Santa bring you everything on your wish list.

~ Kelly ~

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Share Your Style Party #97

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing finishing up getting ready for the holidays? It's hard to believe that it will be here in just a few days now!  I'm so glad that you found the time to join us again for another weekly Share Your Style party.  I'm Kelly from The Essence of Home and I will be your host this week. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Share Your Style Party #96

So happy you've joined us, this December day, to exchange ideas on home decor, holiday decor, recipes, DIY projects and all related inspiration. 

There were so many inspiring ideas last week, that it was difficult for me choose the features. But, I'm excited to share them with you today... So keep reading!

Monday, December 12, 2016

New Kitchen Chairs

Hello everyone!  

Take a deep breath................because this is not a Christmas related post!  I know that is all you see out there right now, but I just wanted to share something with you that is not related to Christmas decor for a moment.  I recently got these new Madeleine chairs from Restoration Hardware.  I am using them at my kitchen table (which also came from there many years ago).  

Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas in the Dining Room & Foyer

Hello everyone!

My Christmas home tour continues today in the dining room and foyer.  I kept everything very minimal but I think it still feels "Christmasy".   

This is the view from the kitchen walking into the dining room.  You can see the wreaths with red ribbon hanging on my windows on the front porch.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Share Your Style Party #95

 to the 95th Share Your Style party and to the most wonderful time of the year!  Thank you for so generously sharing your inspiration and time with us.  When you join the party your link is added to five different blogs, so lots of exposure.  Remember to please share our link in your post somewhere so others can find us.  Me, Lynn aka The Vintage Nest, is your host today.  I have the privilege of choosing the featured posts this week.  So let's go.  Happy Party.  


Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas in the Sitting Room

Hello everyone!

I'm continuing my Christmas home tour in my sitting room.   I put our Christmas tree in here.  Our family room is pretty full, so this room always seems to be a better choice for it.  We use a table top Christmas tree each year.  We have enjoyed the ease of it and the fact that once you place it on a tall piece of furniture, it gives you the height you want.  Ever since we gave up our full size tree, we haven't looked back.  This tree doesn't have to be put together.  It can be stored easily in our basement with plastic over it.  I don't dread getting it set up or taking it down like I did with the full size tree.  We stopped buying real Christmas trees many years ago when it was discovered that I was allergic to the mold that is found in the trees on tree lots.  They are also a huge fire hazard (as my husband was a firefighter and saw several destroy a house in just a few minutes flat).  So...................a small artificial tree fits our situation the best.  Everyone is different though.  And trust me, we have had ALL kinds!  We just like this style the best for our family.  

Here is our quaint little tree.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas in the Family Room

Hello everyone!

I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments regarding the death of my father last week. They were very much appreciated.  

Well, it's officially the Christmas season isn't it?  You know what that means!  Christmas decorations!  I didn't sway from my neutral color scheme either.  I chose golds, silvers, whites, creams and classic greenery.  I didn't have to make drastic changes to my mantel either since I felt like my candlesticks, crowns and crosses fit my scheme well.  

We have been enjoying cooler weather lately, so a fire in the fireplace takes place most nights.