Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Share Your Style Party #46

Hello everyone!

Well, this is the last party of the year from Share Your Style.  I'm so glad that you decided to join us again this week.  Hasn't it been fun getting great ideas that everyone is sharing?  I hope that you will continue to join us in 2016 too!  I want to thank Amanda from Dixie Delights for being a wonderful co-host this year too.  This is the last party she will be co-hosting with us.  So, now I'm ready to see what you all have to share with us this week!  

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What's New Around Here

Hello everyone!

I missed my usual Monday posting because I had a lengthy dr appt yesterday and a very busy weekend and wasn't able to put one together.  So, I'm just now able to get back to blogging this week.  Are you kind of pooped from all the Christmas activities yet?  I know I am.  I'm craving a "do nothing" day.  

I wanted to show you some new things that came my way for Christmas, along with where that cow picture moved to.  

I've been falling head over heels for anything "fur" this year.  Luckily, I can use them after Christmas too.  

I love this grey colored mohair pillow.  

Friday, December 25, 2015

Our Christmas Morning

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Christmas!  We celebrated ours a day early since my husband is a fire fighter and had to work on Christmas day.  They are extremely under staffed so it was very important for him to be there.  

On a sad note, we woke up Christmas Eve morning to the news that my husband's mother had passed away.  It had been expected for a long time but still it was very difficult getting the news on what normally would've been a happy day.  It also happened to be her 80th birthday!  She had been sick for many years after having a stroke.  Her health slowly declined and she was recently placed in hospice care.  She is now in heaven with her husband and parents and no longer suffering. Her funeral will be next week.

On a lighter note, we tried to make the most of our Christmas for the kids.  We let them sleep late and then opened presents.  


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Share Your Style Party #45

Hello everyone!

Are you ready for Christmas yet?  I believe it's coming whether you're ready or not.  Here, in Georgia, we are not getting your typical Christmas weather.  It's warm enough for shorts and sandals here!  I heard it will be that way for the rest of the year too.  So, if any of you are tired of dealing with snow (although I doubt it) feel free to come on over and leave your coat behind!  You won't be needing it.  

In the meantime, I'm excited to see what you have for us this week.  Ron from Uptown Acorn is your host.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Easiest Cake You Will Ever Make!

Hello everyone!

With Christmas Eve and Christmas day almost upon us, I thought I would share a delicious and extremely easy cake to make.  I know many of you will be either hosting this holiday or visiting someone and needs to take something.  This cake is a great one to make for either of these situations!  
We just went to a Christmas party this weekend that I needed to bring a dessert to.  And this is the one that I brought.  I took some pics to share the process.

It's called Shaker Cake.  Some of you may have heard of it before and many of you probably haven't.  
First, you just combine the following in a bowl:

2 eggs (well beaten)
1 (20 oz) can of undrained crushed pineapple
2 c. sugar
2 c. all purpose flour
2 tsp. baking soda

Friday, December 18, 2015

Candy Canes and Wreaths

Hello everyone!

Well, it's official.  Just one more week till Christmas.  The countdown is on!  We will actually be celebrating on Christmas Eve though since my husband has to work on Christmas day.  I guess you really know how important a job is when you can't even get Christmas day off!  This should be his last Christmas to ever work since he plans on retiring next year.  

I thought I would show you the outside of our house decorated for Christmas.  I used a theme of candy canes and wreaths for it (like I have in years past).  


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Share Your Style Party #44

Hello everyone!

It's time to see some more great inspiration from all of you this week.  I have really been enjoying all of the good recipes and Christmas decor you all have been sharing lately.  This week, Martina from Northern Nesting is your host.

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Romantic Mirror

Hello everyone!

I don't know what the weather is in your hometown, but in mine, it is downright mild and warm!  It feels like it's Spring outside (minus the pretty flowers and green grass).  I've even got allergies right now too.  Who knew?!  

But, I'm not going to complain about it because it really is gorgeous weather and who doesn't like that?  So, what if I won't be getting a white Christmas and I'll be wearing short sleeves during the day?  This is the south afterall!  

But enough about that.  I wanted to share a new gorgeous mirror that I picked up at Hobby Lobby the other day while it was half price.  I have been coveting this mirror for some time and I finally got the nerve up to buy it!  I decided to hang it above my fireplace (where everything new seems to go at first).  So, that meant a few changes to my Christmas decor as a result.  This may be the 3rd time I've changed this mantel this month.  But whose counting?  

Well here she is in all her new finery.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Pretty Packages Tied up with String

Hello everyone!

Well, it's getting closer and closer to Christmas day so I've started my gift wrapping.  We did most of our shopping online so that really freed up our time!  As things come in, I wrap them in the dining room.  Then set them around the tree.  Since we have a table top tree, I had to place the gifts near it, not necessary underneath the tree. We're still waiting on just a couple of more items, but so far, I'm caught up.  

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Share Your Style Party #43

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 43rd party of Share Your Style.  I'm Kelly Dotson from The Essence of Home and I'm thrilled to be your host this week!

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Few Christmas and Winter Touches in the Bedroom

Hello everyone!

My bedroom received just a few decorations for the season.  I love using a touch of greenery and fur for that perfect Nordic look in the bedroom this time of year.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Pom Pom Frenzy

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed a theme going on in my Christmas decor when I shared my home tour HERE.  Besides the obvious white and silver used everywhere, I used a lot of pom poms.  I love pom poms!  There are a lot of tutorials on how to make them too if you haven't ever done it before.  They're very easy!  HERE is one that is easy to follow.  

Mine, however, were not hand made by me.  I bought mine.  In fact, just recently I bought this pom pom wreath from Joann's Fabric Store.  It was 60% off, so it was affordable.  Some of these are very expensive.  

I replaced my cotton boll wreath over my fireplace with it.  I thought it would be fun for the holidays.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Share Your Style Party #42

Hello everyone!

Can you believe that it is December already?!  I know this is such a busy time for all of you, so I really appreciate you taking the time to join in our party this week.  I'm looking forward to seeing some great inspiration.  I will be reviewing them closely for my features next week when I host!  This week, Lynn at The Vintage Nest is your host.  

Monday, November 30, 2015

It's a White Christmas! - Home Tour

Hello everyone!

Well, now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it is officially the Christmas season. And just in case you weren't counting, Christmas will be here in just 25 days!   So........

I'm inviting you into my home today for a quick little "white Christmas" home tour.  Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Share Your Style Party #41

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Share Your Style!  I hope this week hasn't been too busy for you getting ready for Thanksgiving and all.  I am looking forward to a big meal tomorrow and spending time with my family.  Since I'm not hosting this year, I'm just making a couple of dishes to take to my sister's house.  I must say my kitchen smelled good today while I was baking!  I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing whatever you have to share with us this week.  Barbara at 21 Rosemary Lane is your host.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Gold and White Accents

Hello everyone!

Since brass went out of style many years ago, I've made a conscious effort to replace it in my home.  However, as it is coming back in style, I've noticed that metallic gold accents in the home are also following it.  I'm still not back on the brass bandwagon, but I do like some touches of gold and white in home accessories lately.  

So, I found these cute gold and white pictures and hung them in my hallway.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Toy Horse Makeover

Hello everyone!

I recently used some of my birthday money to purchase a cute pull toy horse from HomeGoods.  I loved it just the way it was at first, but then decided I would like it better in a different color.  Here is what it looked like originally.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Share Your Style Party #40

Hello everyone!

It is a cold and rainy night in GA this Wednesday.  How about where you are?  I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and school break next week.  So, let's see what you have to share tonight.  Amanda at Dixie Delights is your host this week.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Changes in the Kitchen

Hello everyone!

Since I now have a pantry, I moved the bins out of the bookcase that were holding food items.  Now, I'm left with decorating space for some of my favorite white serving pieces.  

Friday, November 13, 2015

An Early Christmas Present and Gifted Artwork

Hello everyone!

This post should probably be titled "How Many Times a Family Room can be Made Over".  Ha!  I keep making changes and it's getting hard for even me to keep up!  However, this time I made a BIG change and it will probably not get changed up for a long time now.  The reason it probably won't be changed up as often is because of a new piece of furniture I got as an early Christmas present from my husband.  I have been wanting a new sofa for a long time.  I wanted one with a custom slipcover so it would be easier to live with and one that was comfortable and well made.  So, I went to Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and found one.  Let's take a peek, shall we?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Share Your Style Party #39

Hello everyone!

How is your week going so far?  Mine has been better than usual.  I will share more about that in my next post.  But, one of the reasons I have a big smile on my face is because of the change in weather here.  It has been so ugly, rainy, and windy  for the last week and a half.  But we finally saw the sun come out yesterday and today.  It has been the most wonderful feeling.  I love sunshine!  I don't think I could live in a climate that gets constant rain and clouds.  So, with my new good mood, I want to welcome you to another edition of Share Your Style!  I can't wait to see what you have to share this week.  Ron from Uptown Acorn is your host.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Decor at White Interiors

Hello everyone!

My sister and I got together for my birthday recently and we went to a store called White Interiors.  It's located in Dawsonville, GA.  It was my first time going there, but she had been before.  I loved it the moment we walked in.  It was getting set up for their Christmas open house so I thought I would share some pics with you today. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

My Fun Finds from the Country Living Fair

Hello everyone!

I can finally share what I bought from the Country Living Fair recently.

  I always stop at the French Laundry booth when I first get there.  They are known for beautiful bedding, table linens, and pillows.  They never disappoint with their good prices and high quality.  It's such a treat to get to choose something from their booth.  Normally, their linens sell for much more at stores, but they offer special pricing at the fair.  This is the third year in a row that I've bought pillows from them. This year, they offered pillow covers as well.  They cost even less so I just bought the covers this year instead.  I have plenty of inserts at home!

Here is the first pillow.

As always, I go for the French style pillow covers.  This one is cream and grey.  Then I bought 2 matching pillow covers that were cream and blue.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Share Your Style Party #38

Hello everyone!

It's that time again.  Time for some more party linking.  I love seeing what all of you have to share each week.  Martina from Northern Nesting is your host this week.

Hi there friends...Welcome back to this weeks Share Your Style!
I'm Martina from Northern Nesting and I'm so happy to be your host this week!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Country Living Fair Part 2

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  The weather turned out not as good as I had hoped, but I celebrated my birthday on Saturday and had a fun time with family and friends anyway. 

I thought I would share the second half of my pictures from the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA.  I enjoyed seeing so many unique and pretty things for sale.

I loved this giant Christmas tree made out of a grain sack.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Giveaway Winner & The Country Living Fair

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday to you all.  This is going to be a great weekend since the weather here is nice and it's Halloween.  

Thanks to all of you who signed  up for the sheet set giveaway. I wish I could pick more than one winner.  But there can only be one.   The winner is Jennifer Schmitz!  Congratulations! 

Last Friday, my sister and I went to the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain GA.  It's something I look forward to every year.  This year was another great show.  I took some pics to share with all of you.  I will divide this up into two posts since I took so many pics.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Share Your Style Party #37

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another edition of Share Your Style! I'm Kelly from The Essence of Home and I am thrilled to be your host this week.   

Monday, October 26, 2015

My New Food Pantry

Hello everyone!

Remember when I mentioned last week that my husband and I worked on something very important for our house?  Well...............

It was my new food pantry!  Why am I so excited over something so basic as a pantry?  Because this is the first one I have ever had in my life!  I didn't grow up with one and when my husband and I moved into our first house, it was small and didn't have one.  Then, we moved into this house and it STILL didn't have one!  I thought that I had enough cabinets at the time, but eventually I ran out of room and had to come up with other places to put our food.  

Well, I recently had a light bulb moment and realized how seldom we use our coat closet.  Hmmmmm.......maybe I could clean that out and turn that into our pantry. It's right off the kitchen too!  So, with a little help from my husband, that is what I did.  

We stored our coats in bedroom closets and found new places for vacuum cleaner accessories, important papers etc that were in there.  

This is where we started.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Sheet Set Giveaway

Hello everyone!

Are you glad it's Friday?  I know I am.  I have something very special for you today.  I am thrilled to be able to offer a fantastic giveaway to you for some amazing soft and well made sheets from Perfect Linens.  You may recall that I reviewed a set of sheets from them earlier this year.  I fell in love with them and they have since become my favorite sheets.  Well now you  have a chance to have your very own set for FREE!  

Perfect Linens is offering a set of Second Skin sheets to one lucky reader in either a queen or king size.  You get to choose which size you want.  Here are some pics of these pretty sheets.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Share Your Style Party #36

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Share Your Style!  We are having about the best weather we could ask for here in GA.  How about you?  I wish I could just bottle it up and use it on days that aren't so nice.  Pretty weather really helps put me in a good mood.  And you know what else does?  Looking at all of the great inspiration out there in blogland from all of you!  So, let's see what you have to share with us this week.  Lynn from The Vintage Nest is your host.

We are delighted you are here today for the 36th Share Your Style party.  Your host today is me, Lynn, of The Vintage Nest blog.  I loved going through all last week's fabulous posts and found it very, very hard to pick just a few for featuring  this week.  You all are so generous with your time, recipes, tutorials, DIY's, and so much more.  The weather here in Virginia has been picture perfect this past week.  I took my Mom on an outing Sunday and took so many photos of the happenings around our area.  Here is one that I would like to share with you.  To me it just epitomizes the season.  

Now on to the party.   Remember when you share on our party, you will be on seven (7) different blogs and if you are featured please take the special badge for your blog.  And please remember to link back somewhere on your blog post.  Now.....don't be shy.  Please don't  link and run.  Go visit some of the other partiers.  :)

Paige of A Junk Chick Life participates in a $10.00 Yard Sale challenge.  Look what she bought with only a small portion of the money.  Just shows you decorating on a budget can easily be done....along with a great imagination.  I love this!  So simple and elegant.

I have made the velvet pumpkins and love doing it and always wanted to make some of the cute little velvet acorns I see but I don't have much patience with little tiny items.  And then I saw this!  Angelina of Peonies and Orange Blossoms shows us such a simple and sweet way to make them.  Yep....gonna do it!

I just had to feature a  yummy recipe ..... what with football season here and we are all looking for delicious quick appetizers for tailgating and home viewing.  Walking on Sunshine shares this Warm Bacon-Cheese Dip.  I am thinking just perfect for the Thanksgiving football games. 

And finally, I wanted to show you Michelle's beautifully decorated dining area for her home tour.  Gorgeous country charm here!  Thank You Dandelion Patina for sharing.

Now let's see what you are sharing this week.  Cannot wait!

Monday, October 19, 2015

My Chandelier "Steal"

Hello everyone!

Did you have a nice weekend?  Mine was very busy but also very fun.  I got a lot done around my house.  One thing that got done was installing this new chandelier in my master bedroom.  I found it while out shopping at an antique store that is very close to my house.  They have a plethora of stuff that you may or may not find something good.  This time I found something VERY good!  This chandelier was originally from Ballard Designs and sold for over $200!  How do I know this?  Well, the dealer left the original sticker on it.  How much did I pay for it?  Just $45!  Oh yeah!  Needless to say, it had to come home with me.  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Adding Warmth to a Mostly White Room

Hello everyone!

I love white rooms.  However, with the cooler weather finally upon us, I've been craving a little bit of warmth in my mostly white house.  I already have dark brown wooden floors which is a huge help in offsetting all of the white.  However, I wanted a bit more.  So, I decided to bring in some more brown tones and wood.  It still keeps my rooms feeling soft but adds more dimension I think.

The first thing I did was to add stacks of old brown books in a large wooden tray to my coffee table.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Share Your Style Party #35

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Share Your Style!  I have been enjoying seeing everyone's Fall decor and recipes lately.  To me, October is the quintessential Fall month too.  The mornings and evenings are cooler and the leaves are already falling!  I have my pumpkins ready for carving as well.  So, let's see what you have in store for us this week.  Barbara from 21 Rosemary Lane is your host.

Hi Everyone and welcome to the 35th Share Your Style Party!!!

 I am Barbara from the blog 21 Rosemary Lane and this week I am thrilled to be your party host. Just to give you a little idea of what goes around Rosemary Lane, here is a sneak peek at what I have shared with my readers over the past few weeks. (Click on the image if you want to see more of a particular post.)

I sure hope you will stop by sometime for a visit.

Now on to the party. First let me say thank you to all of the party goers who linked up last week, what a fantastic amount of inspiration you all shared. I definitely had a hard time picking favorites, so here are a few that caught my eye!

Julie from the blog Little Farmstead shared some gorgeous photos of her cousin's rustic and vintage inspired wedding. If I were planning an early fall wedding, this is the way I would go!!

Olivia from Reinvented Collection linked up her bold and beautifully painted farmhouse table and chairs. I just love love love the gorgeous red color on the chairs. Classic!

Hawthorne & Main shared a wonderful tutorial on how to make a woodsy fall centerpiece.

With Halloween just around the corner, Tammy from Patina and Paint shared with us some darling Halloween decor from around her home. (I think this little plant is simply adorable!)

And finally here is a super healthy Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Bowl from the cute blog The Bewitchen Kitchen. This dish is loaded with nutrition and is sure to tame the old sweet tooth too!

If your style was featured be sure to grab our cute feature button.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Roswell Showcase Home Tour 2015

Hello everyone!

I went on a home tour with my sister last Friday.  It was a beautiful house in Sandy Springs, GA.  It was for sale for over two million dollars if anyone is interested too!  It was just a little too big for me, otherwise, I would've made an offer.  (Wink)  

So, I took some pictures to share with all of you.  Unfortunately, my I-phone died before I was able to get all of the pics I wanted, so you won't be getting the complete tour but enough to satisfy you I hope.  I will be honest, I didn't care for the upstairs rooms.  The bedrooms were decorated kind of wild in a style I've never quite seen before.  Lots of clutter and dark colors.  So, I'm not even including those in this tour.  

Here is the outside of the house.  It sits up high on a hill with a very steep driveway.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Painted Books

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday!

I recently showed you some books that I bought that had been painted with chalk paint and then stenciled on front.  That got me to thinking about doing some myself.  However, I was more concerned with having the spines of the books look interesting rather than the fronts.  I wanted a simple color scheme of black and white too.  I made these with one purpose in mind.  

Here is what I started with.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Share Your Style Party #34

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Share Your Style!  I hope that you all have had a good week so far.  The rain has finally stopped here in GA and the sun is shining.  I believe our grass has grown a foot from all the rain we've had too.  I hope that you're having nice weather whereever you are!  I look forward to seeing what you have to share with us.    Sherry from No Minimalist Here is your host this week.

Welcome to the Share Your Style Party.

I am Sherry with No Minimalist Here and I will be your party host this week. It's exciting to have you here and I can't wait to see what you have to Share.

It has been a little slow on my blog this week but I was able to do a quick post on the kitchen progress.

You may have missed the post about New Upholstery for our french chairs.

Debra at Common Ground announced last week that she will no longer be co-hosting the Share Your Style party.  She will be greatly missed but I hope she and her hubby have a wonderful time traveling.  Not to can still link up to the party at No Minimalist Here or any of the other six host.

Thanks to everyone that joined the party last week and remember if you link to any of the host it will be seen on all seven blogs!

Here are just a few of the great features from last week.

Every Day Living  created this beautiful Fall vignette.  Isn't the little chair adorable?

These pumpkin glazed donuts look delicious and Walking On Sunshine shares how to make them. Check out her blog for many great recipes. 

How gorgeous are these white ruffled pumpkins?  Ornate Splendor makes these beautiful pumpkins and sells them in her Etsy shop.

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We appreciate you supporting the Share Your Style party!

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the party.....