Monday, January 18, 2016

Decisions Have Been Made - Finally!

Hello everyone!

I feel like I've been "over sharing" so much of what's going on in my life lately.  It has been therapeutic for me though, actually.  So, I hope that you don't mind.  I hope it's nice to see that real life does happen behind all the "staged" photos I share on this blog!  

My husband and I have been on a decision journey for a while now and I'm happy to say that a decision has finally been reached about some things that affect our future.  We have decided to hold off moving for a while since our son is starting high school this year and we don't want to have him change schools.  He doesn't deal with change very well and gets extra help at school, so keeping him where he knows his friends is probably the best thing we can do for him right now.  

Also, since my husband is retiring from the fire dept., he will be in a transition with his next line of work.  With moving, it will be too much stress to deal with a new job AND trying to sell our house and find a new one.  Moving is stressful all by itself!

We will re-evaluate things in a year. know what I'm trying to say????  

We will be staying here and making LOTS of changes to our house so we can enjoy it while we're here a little longer.  We hope to increase the value of our home while we're at it too.  

I'm kind of sad not getting to move into a bright shiny new home soon, but I'm happy that our lives will not be as stressed right now too.

We will take our time and move once the dust settles and not have so many "irons in the fire" while doing so!

I'm excited to finally get the thumbs up on buying new appliances now!


We went shopping at Lowes and did some comparison shopping.  I liked their selection better and their pricing! We will probably buy from them.  It will take a few weeks to get everything in stock and delivered though.

I also recently ordered more furniture for my family room to replace our sofa and chair that is not in good shape.  I've ordered another sofa to match the one we just got last Fall and a matching chair.


It should arrive some time in February.

We might hire someone to come out and paint our garage interior and basement steps.  It is a challenging area to paint.


My husband has a lot of good ideas that he wants to incorporate in our house too.  So, I guess we will be in the "DIY" mode for a while.

I also want to thank everyone who gave me feedback on their use of a biologic medicine.  That was SO helpful!  I'm really on the fence about even going in that direction.  My doctor recommended it because she can't give me anything else stronger than what I'm currently taking.  But, these meds must be given by a needle and if you haven't already figured me out by now, I HATE NEEDLES!!!!  Secondly, they come with dangerous side effects since the medicine basically suppresses your immune system.  The nature of my disease, is like a roller coaster.  I don't have problems every single day.  I have good days and bad days.  Right now I'm having good days.  So, it's hard to say what I want to do.  It was eye opening to know so many people out there suffer with similar problems!  I am trying to improve my diet and work out so maybe that will improve my symptoms too.


I look forward to sharing our home DIY projects with you as we get them started.  I will also be on the lookout to see what everyone else is doing that I would like to incorporate into my home.  So, it should be an interesting year!

I hope that all of you have a great Monday!

~ Kelly ~


Stacey said...

Kelly, I don't blame you one bit for deciding not to move right now. Moving is hard on your heart and your life even when you really want to do it. You'll enjoy the process you are starting. :)

I have no knowledge of the medicine you've talked about but I bet you'll make the right choices with the information you get.

Calypso In The Country said...

Sounds like you are doing the best thing for your family right now. Your home is beautiful and although it can be fun to move to a new house, your son will probably thank you down the road for not making that change now. Redoing things in your home will be fun too - love the slipcovered chair. New appliances can make a huge difference as well. Good luck with everything!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

If moving would mean your son has to leave his school, it's definitely the right decision to stay put. At his age, friends are ultra important and leaving them would be traumatic, and you can bet you'd never hear the end of it ;).

Sounds like you are going to have lots of things to blog about Kelly!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sounds like a good plan and can't wait to see your new appliances and furniture, too.

Eilis said...

I kind of noticed in your previous post that there were things you still wanted to do with this house before you moved on. I am glad you will get the satisfaction of doing that. Enjoy.

Patty said...

Kelly, if at any point you should go to this medicine by needle, I'd like to tell you that you will probably get used to shots. Five years ago I had blood clots in both lungs. After a stint in the hospital they sent me home only after proving that I could give myself shots in the stomach. When you know your life depends on it, you can do anything! Good luck !

Katie Mansfield said...

You are so wise. Moving is stressful and it doesn't sound like you need to add anymore stress. Don't worry. I don't think you are oversharing. You will love your new appliances and sofa. I'll say a prayer for your health issues.

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

I work with high school freshmen who are in need of study skills, organization and reading reinforcement, and I am so happy you are keeping your son in an environment he is familiar with in these important last few years of education - especially if you are happy with the quality of extra care he is receiving! Here's my two cents on appliances: We have had terrible luck with appliances from big box stores - in thirteen years, we have been through FIVE stoves, three refrigerators, four over the range microwaves and three washers! Yikes times ten. Some were covered under warranty, some were not. None we're cheap "you get what you pay for" models. Talk about jinxed. We found an independent appliance store that has been around for decades and it was the best decision we have made! Comparable prices, free delivery on our schedule - not a four hour window, prompt service, experience,etc. We had always ruled these places out, thinking the big box would be so much less expensive. We were proven very wrong! I would definitely at least check them out and see what they have to offer. Looking forward to all the fun changes you have coming up Miss Kelly! Jane

chateau chic said...

Sounds like you made an excellent decision to stay put for awhile. The whole process of moving is very stressful, which you probably don't need in your life right now.
Mary Alice

Ron said...

Good luck and I cannot wait to see the changes.

Unknown said...

Your home is so beautiful Kelly! And to me it is shiny and new - ours was built in the 1930s. I'm sure it feels great to have come to a decision and be able to move forward. That feeling of not knowing is the worst! I can't wait to see your new things and hear about your projects in the coming months. xo Sally

Little Farmstead said...

Sounds like you've come to a very good decision. You'll know when the time is right! ~julie

Teresa P said...

All things considered, I think you made a great decision in staying put for the time being. I cant wait to see what improvements you do in the next year since selling is still in your plans. New SS appliances are definitely a good investment especially for re-sell.

This N That said...

Good luck with your new decisions..Sounds like you are doing what is best fro the time being..Your house is lovely..

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Sounds like your plans are perfect for you and your family at this time. I will look forward to seeing the changes you are making to your home.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

It's definitely hard to move with one in high school...sounds like a good decision. We have pretty much decided that we are in a preparation phase...getting ready for what we will do when my hubby retires in the next year or two. Getting the house ready for whatever, probably selling.
I understand your feelings about starting a biologic...I try to take as little as possible, too...but I'm not sure it's the best for my autoimmune issues, though. I'm trying to decide whether to go on an immuno-suppresant right now. I'd sure like to feel better, that much I know. xo

White Lace and Promises said...

I can tell you from our experience this year that it has been hardest for the Mister. We moved in May. My husband had been out of work with hip replacement. His job was in transition and closing plants and he was offered a severence and took it. He loved his job and it was his idenity. He was very involved in youth at church and also close to his mom. He didn't have a job for 3 months after the move and got one but hates it. He is grieving the loss of job, place in the church, missing his family. We had to move quickly because the house sold fast. I love being near our childen for to me, I haven't felt the loss. I wasn't close to church, no job and had been isolated for a while. Since my parents death, I was lost. I am so happy! My children say their daddy has aged and I feel younger. So, it's probably best that you wait it out with your son. It really is a big move. It's good to have found a peace about what you need to do for now.

Our Hopeful Home said...

I was not aware of all your ups and downs as of late, but I can completely relate. My husband lost his job over two years ago and had to take one in another state. We did NOT want to move there but felt that it was important for the family to be together in one place. We also wanted to get settled before out oldest started high school. Well, we put our house on the market (When the market still stunk)for a year and had two showings! Then it was time for school to start and we said, forget the move for now! We have three kids to get through high school! My husband lives in a motel out of state from Mon-Thurs and is at home from Thursday evening until Monday morning. We're making it work for the kids and hope that when we do put the house on the market again some day we will be in a better position to actually sell it! Enjoy your home and the fact that you finally made a decision. It's a nice feeling when you know you can finally move forward in life. Take care. xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

cynthia lee designs said...

Kelly...we got all of our appliances at Lowes and I've been very happen with everything. We just recently took up the old carpet to find hardwood floors. We are going to put in all new trim and baseboards. We've been looking for a new sofa, but I haven't found 'the one' jet.
Ca't wait to see what changes you make.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I'm sure you'll be happy with your decision not to move for awhile. We all have to do what's best for our families and you're smart to look ahead and realize that moving just isn't in the cards right now. I don't think you're oversharing at all! :) We all like to dive into other subjects besides decor every once in awhile and it's always good to see what tips or advice others can give. This community is great for stuff like that. And yay for new appliances! My hubby thinks I'm so funny for getting excited about things like that (even when it's not me getting them! ha!) Can't wait to follow along and see what all y'all do this year!

Art and Sand said...

I've ill, so I am finally catching up on blogs and I had to do a lot of back reading to catch up with you.

I am glad you are having good days now. I can totally identify because I had on again issues for 2 months and everything seems to be cleared up now. The bad days were BAD.

How fun to stay where you are and fix up the things you want to do. It will be easier on your son.

Cynthia said...

Kelly, I'm sorry it took so long to respond to this. I have been having issues of my own. We are trying to figure things our with the doctor for meds. I know how hard it is to make these decisions. I hate needles too but once I did it I had know problem. Now I can't stand w hen people do it to me.

As far as side affects, remember they don't mean you will get them but I do know they are VERY scary.

I'm taking a break for a bit to get things worked out. I can't wait to see the changes.


Linda said...

Love that you have removed some stress by staying put. Can't wait to see your new appliances and what your DIY plans are. Take care!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I think you probably made the right decision as moving is stressful on anyone and high school is such a hard time for change too.....looking forward to your projects Kelly!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Glad you were able to make some decisions. I will look forward to seeing your home improvements. I want to make some changes now, too, with the idea of resale in mind. Hope you have many good days ahead - I truly believe that exercise really makes a difference.

Suzanne said...

Good luck with everything, Kelly. Sounds like you have many exciting things happening in your house! I think you made a wise decision about moving. It IS stressful and so very expensive, too. Your home is gorgeous, and I always look forward to your posts. You're a talented lady for sure! Best of luck and good health to you in 2016!

Finding Grace Interiors said...

It sounds like your husband and you made the best decision for your family right now. Moving is very stressful and it sounds like everybody has enough in their plates to worry about. Your son's high school, your husband career change and your health!
Im sure it will be fun to work on some projects on your home and redecorate with the new furniture. Wishing you a lot of good days ahead!

Vanessa Walters said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Do not blame yourself for holding off on the move. My husband and I did a similar thing recently as our little daughter was also in school and had so many new friends and I just could not do it to her and leave to a completely new place. Please keep sharing. Thank you.

Vanessa Walters @ Stellar Movers

Martin Moran said...

You finally made that decision, good for you. I know exactly where you are coming from. We had the same tough decision and didn't move either. Looking back I think that the decision we made was the best for us in the long term. I am so grateful that I waited because the house of our dreams was just waiting for us.

Martin Moran @ Buyers Agent San Antonio

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