Monday, October 10, 2016

A Model Home with Great Ideas

Hello everyone!

Since my husband and I plan on moving in the next few years, we like to look at new homes being built to get ideas of what we want in our next house.  It's also good to see what you can get for the money and an idea of good areas to live.  We found a new subdivision not far from our current home that was beautiful!  Unfortunately, the homes were a lot bigger than we need and were well above our budget.  But, it was fun to see what was out there and get ideas to incorporate into our current home or our next home.  I took some pics to share with you because I knew you would enjoy the tour as well!  This home wasn't huge on exquisite decor but huge on pretty architectural elements and other ideas to have built into your home.  Those are what I'm highlighting here.  I'm not sharing the entire house.  I"m only sharing rooms where I saw something that peaked my interest.  

Here is the home exterior.  Really gorgeous right?!

We liked that it was on a flat lot and was a ranch style home.  There were stairs, but they led to superfluous rooms that you don't use everyday.  

We loved the different roof pitches on the house (which I think makes the biggest difference on giving the home curb appeal) and the mix of siding with brick.  

As you enter the home there is a beautiful large foyer.  I love a foyer as opposed to just walking directly into a room.  

This foyer was unique because of the beams, wainscoting, and triple lighting that was used to accent the space.  

Just off the foyer, was the dining room.

From this angle you can see how beautiful the trim work is.  It was everywhere in this house!

I am picky about windows too.  I loved these.  They had panes on the upper half but not on the lower.  I thought those looked old fashioned to me (which I like).  Notice the extra trim at the bottom of the windows too!  Details people!

Straight back from the foyer, was the family room.  I loved it's large square size so you can float furniture in the middle.  The over sized stone fireplace, built-ins, and beams on the ceiling added extra pizazz.  

Notice the trim work around the wall of windows too. You don't even need draperies here!

Here is the view from the kitchen.

Another thing I liked about this house was the open concept lay-out of the kitchen and family room.  I don't currently have that and like the open feel of this space.

Here is the beautiful kitchen.

Did you notice the smaller cabinets up top have lights in them?  Love that!  I also love the huge island.  This is great for entertaining.

The kitchen table was unique because it was actually 2 large tables placed together!  It sits in an alcove with a built in bench seat around it.  I like the added storage space it provided.

Back on the other side of the kitchen, is this beautiful hallway that leads to the "superfluous" rooms I mentioned.  This is where the stairs are.

I'll share where that hall leads in a moment.  

Next, is the very practical and private screened porch off the kitchen and family room.  Love that too!  I liked how the floor was covered in brick pavers.

Now, one of my favorite things in this house and was a neat surprise was this amazing barn door on sliders over the pantry.  This is something I definitely want!  

And, to go along with the country vibe in this house, you must include some planked walls right?  I think they took a cue from Fixer Upper!  Check out the hallway that leads to other rooms in this house.  Isn't this a pretty hallway?  

I like the built in storage bench and lighting.  It looks like they used outdoor lighting in here too.  This is off the garage so it's being used like a mudroom space.

The stairs you see above lead to a bonus room and bathroom over the garage.  I didn't get all the pics I wanted because the real estate agent started talking to us at this point.  But it also had a game table area that isn't shown in this pic.  I love the weathered wood planks they used on the back wall for this masculine space.  

So, what did you think?  Get any neat ideas for your own home?  

It's fun to tour these homes for free and get ideas on everything from color schemes and furniture placements to lighting and architectural details.  We can all enjoy this on the computer too, but seeing it in person, and actually walking in the spaces gives you more clarity to whether you like it or not and how it actually works in the space.  

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kelly ~ 


Unknown said...

This home looks huge! All of the finishes look timeless and elegant, and I love that barn door pantry too. Our kitchen doesn't have a pantry so I just use some of the cabinet space to store food. A pantry with a cool door is now on my wishlist too! lol I love how much character they added to this new home! Have a great week! xo

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I couldn't agree with you more Kelly! Roof lines are so important to the overall look of a home's exterior. The details on the inside are things you don't see in many homes built today. Love the moldings, and the foyer and hallway leading to the garage don't appear too narrow, which is important too. As you said, it's probably more house than you need, but the design elements such as the pantry door and windows, etc., are great takeaways.

lala said...

This home is lovely with wonderful design elements. I am slowly trying to add trim work to all of my rooms, and got some great ideas from this post - love the trim on the windows. Thanks for sharing this - lots of good stuff in this home.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I love the exterior of this home. The interior has GREAT bones and spaces I am just NOT an all white person. I NEED color. Love the pantry and door, the floors, the trim around the windows etc. Thanks for the tour! I LOVE going into model homes for ideas!

White Lace and Promises said...

Although it would be too big for me, I love so much about it. Love, love, the light fixtures. I hope to add something different to our new home in a few years. We went basic without the updates. Those will come later. I love the foyer and the character of the sliding barn door. The sunroom is also another favorite. So much I like!

cloches and lavender said...

This is a gorgeous home. Love t he garage doors, models and lots of windows. Don't get me started on the beams. I have to tell you, now that we have been in our home for almost three years having a one level home is the BEST.


Stacey said...

What a fun home tour! There are a couple of features in this that we are incorporating into our new house. The sliding barn door will be on our laundry room and I'm hoping to do the cabinets to the ceiling with lights. We'll wish list is long. :)

Katie Mansfield said...

This is cute. I love the kitchen. The trim work is amazing.

NanaDiana said...

What a great, great house,Kelly. I love lots of things about it-from the windows to the trim work. Once our house sells we will start looking for something smaller. I don't want to look and get my heart set on something and then have to wait a year or more for this place to sell. I am of two minds-one that is anticipating downsizing and one that knows I will miss having a big house where the kids can all just kind of find their own little niches when they are here. xo Diana

Debra said...

I love all of the details. It looks like a wonderful family home and I am sure you got some great ideas for your next home.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love the details in this home! I also like an actual foyer, as opposed to the front door opening right up into the house. This one is gorgeous. I've come to learn how important a square living room is too. Mine has some angles that make it hard for furniture placement. And that kitchen!!! Love every bit of it. :)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

What a dreamy house! I wouldn't mind living there!

Calypso In The Country said...

This home looks amazing. I always love touring model homes. I wish one would open up near's been awhile! I love the sliding barn door too. My friend just added one to her pantry and I love it! Such a cute feature!

Unknown said...

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