Monday, October 3, 2016

Decorating with Boo Pumpkins

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend?  I hope it was good.  Mine was uneventful.   I was finally able to enjoy some much cooler weather here though!  I heard it won't last long, but I was happy to feel the change. 

 October, here in GA,  usually is the turning point for Fall.  We should start seeing the leaves change color, cooler temps, and the night sky falling on us sooner. One of the best things about Fall is that daylight savings time will finally end!  That is the bogus time change that we no longer need anymore.  So, now the clock will reflect the true time of day that it is supposed to be.  Can you tell that I'm not a fan?  

Now that it's October, the pumpkins can officially come out!  For now, I only have a few boo pumpkins set about.  I have some on my mantel and in my kitchen.  I love how cute they are.  

Here is my mantel.  I don't go overboard with seasonal decorating.   I like just a touch.  

Here is a small boo pumpkin set on top of a preserved box wood wreath.  

I placed one on each end.

I am choosing to stay with neutrals over the holidays. So, these little white pumpkins are perfect for that.

In my kitchen, a simple vignette with a little pumpkin in the mix is all that I need!

Here are a few inspiration pics I found for other fun ways to use boo pumpkins.

I love this idea of using them at Thanksgiving.  Small tags were added to each stem.

For Halloween, get out your craft paint and paint some cute faces on them. These would be easy and you don't have to be a good artist to get this look.

For a centerpiece on your dining table or coffee table, I love this look!  Just gather several small pumpkins in a bowl and add some pine cones to the mix.  The pine cones could be sprayed gold or silver to make the look more elegant.

And finally, we all have some empty candlesticks lying around somewhere.  Why not bring them out and place a small boo pumpkin on top?  So cute! It looks good when mixed in varying heights like this.

These little pumpkins are so much fun to decorate with!  So, if you find some, grab them up and have fun scattering them around your house.  

Hope you have a great week ahead!  I'll see you back here on Wednesday night for our weekly Share Your Style party.

~ Kelly ~


Doreen@foxdenrd said...

It seems many people are going neutral this year, and I'm all for it. I'm sure as thanksgiving gets closer we will start to see more of the traditional colors (which are pretty too), but I'm enjoying the laid back look of neutrals for now,

Boo pumpkins are adorable and so versatile, and they're perfect for your home Kelly!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Great inspiration for those sweet little boos.

Unknown said...

October is when it starts to feel more like fall here in Virginia too. I love your cute little boo pumpkins, they'll be great for keeping with a neutral look! I don't add a ton of fall decorations either, and this year I used produce that we can eventually eat. I'll still get a few pumpkins for the front stoop I think. xo

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Kelly,
The sweet boo's are adorable. Love that picture of the long wood with the little white boo's with the sayings on leaf tags. Just too cute. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas. Our fall is starting here in the midwest too.
Cooler days with lots of rain. The leaves are starting to show some color by us too. Have a great week ahead.

This N That said...

Lovely..great ideas..I have to have the colors of favorite time of year..

Christine at Little Brags said...

Adorbs Kelly, I luv those little pumpkins!!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love those baby boo pumpkins! I never thought of using my boxwood wreaths to hold pumpkins before...I love how that looks!

chateau chic said...

I love the soft touch of autumn that boo pumpkins provide. So pretty!
Mary Alice

Scribbler said...

Nice ideas! I think I have done most of them except your idea of popping them onto the little box wreaths. I do believe I have somewhere, and now you have inspired me to go find them! I like simple touches, too, if you can believe it, for seasonal decorating (besides Christmas).

White Lace and Promises said...

I always love your simplicity.

cynthia lee designs said...

Kelly...I put my Fall stuff out, but I'm wanting to go lighter and white....instead of the orange, red, yellow and soft green. Going to check the stores out for white pumpkins and other stuff...when the Fall stuff goes on sale.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love using the little boos. I don't like the daylight savings time either!

Joy Junktion said...

OK Kelly, love all your sweet neutral décor, but I have to say that when I saw the photo of the mirror and fireplace, I thought there was an eyeball on the mirror (you know, for Halloween or something), kind of freaked me out for a minute!! LOL !! Anyway, other than that, loved the tour! Blessings, Cindy xo

Unknown said...

I love the time change (I might be one of the only one that does) and daylight savings ends Sunday, November 6. i would say were I live it does help.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love the baby boo on top of the boxwood! These pics have given me a lot of ideas for fall. When the boys were little, I used to always try to get them to just paint the pumpkins instead of carving them. It never worked. They always insisted on carving them and making a big mess. Lol!

Bliss said...

The white pumpkins with their earthy stems are perfect for your decorating.

cloches and lavender said...

In am a big fan of Boo pumpkins. T he y look pretty on the Boxwood and the table.


Debra said...

I love the neutral look and the simplicity of your fall decorating. It is gorgeous. I whole heartily agree with you about daylight savings time.

Naomi said...

Kelly, I love those little Boo pumpkins. I haven't found any in my area but I haven't been to any pumpkin farms or farm stands, so maybe I still will come across them. I"d really like to use them in my Fall decorating.

I'm also attracted to those beautiful, tall candlesticks that you put the little Boos on. Do you mind sharing where you found them?

Nice post. Interesting to see what table-scapes others are coming up with.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

You painted your stone fireplace! It melds in so nicely with your mix of whites in the room and really reflects your style. Those little white pumpkins are so darn cute that I could have them all over our house. And your salt & pepper and flour canister- love!!

I'm a little sad that we'll be turning back the clocks because then it'll be dark when I drive home from work. I turn into a hibernating bear that doesn't want to leave his den. I better change my attitude. :o)

Katie Mansfield said...

I love baby boo pumpkins. Your inspiration pictures are wonderful. I love how you used them in your own home.
Everybody seems to have those adorable pieces of pottery. So cute. Your mantel is simple and beautiful.

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

I love your understated, neutral fall decor. It looks very classy! I've always loved those little pumpkins!