Friday, June 30, 2017

Unique and Practical Wall Art

Hello everyone!

How has your week been?  I hope it has been good.  I'm excited about this holiday weekend since it marks the beginning of July and it is one of my favorite months of the year because it isn't as busy as many others.  The weather is usually nice and my schedule isn't so slammed.  June is always hectic and expensive!  Bye Bye June.  Ha!  

Speaking of expensive, have any of you noticed some changes over at PicMonkey?  They added a new feature for saving photos, called Hub.  It took me forever to figure out that I don't have to sign up for it and can now use "export" to save my photos to my computer like I usually do.  I think they purposely set it up like that to confuse people in to thinking they had to sign up and pay money to use their site!  I figured it out after about 30 min of being frustrated and actually signing up for their trial.  Then, I cancelled it once I realized how their site looked different and "export" had then replaced "save".  Did you catch that too?  

Well enough of my ranting.  I just thought I would pass that on in case you were experiencing the same thing.  

I wanted to share some different forms of wall art that I'm using now.  First, I found these adorable flowers from Hobby Lobby that you can hang on the wall!  I hung them in my powder room.


Aren't they cute?  They are very inexpensive and look best hung in groupings with different sizes.  Here is what the back looks like.  

They are very lightweight so you don't have to worry about securing them safely to the wall either.

Next, I ordered a couple of different sizes of these Kraft paper rolls with dispenser from Farmhouse Wares.  I placed the larger one in my kitchen.

I love them for holidays and even food menus.  Here is the one from Father's Day.

I hung the smaller one in my son's room.

I think they're both practical and stylish.  They come with the metal clips so you can weight the paper down too.  After you write on it, you can cut or tear that piece off and roll down more paper for future use.  

I love to use unique items on my walls.  I don't just want artwork and mirrors.  

I hope that you all have a great 4th of July and are blessed with great weather for spending time outdoors.  I don't think we will be getting great weather here in GA though.  We have had the rainiest summer!  It has rained almost all week long and will continue into next week.  It has put a damper on doing fun things outside.  

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kelly ~


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Love the flower art and the paper rolls are very cute!

Ron said...

I love both of your newest wall hangings, Kelly. Happy 4th!

JoAnne said...

Cute wall decor, Kelly. I like finding unique things for the walls too. The paper rolls could be used for so many different things.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! You always find the coolest things :).

I caught that on picmonkey, but actually I received a pop up that said 'if you want to save to your computer click export'. I could see how it might be confusing though.

Happy July to you Kelly!


Debra said...

I love the flowers, they are so unique. The craft paper idea is a clever way to keep organized.

Junkchiccottage said...

Love the flower art on the wall. So pretty. I agree Kelly I did not like what Pic Monkey did with the save. I did figure out the export them to my computer to save too. Kind of deceiving and I bet they will get a lot of people thinking they have to sign up and pay. Have a great 4th.

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Love your unique wall art, Kelly. The paper rolls are a great idea! I wish I had wall space in my kitchen to add one! Hope you had a great 4th, and that the weather improved!

Twinkle Terrior said...

even your 4th of July menu is perfection :)

Hadiya Sultan said...

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